10 Facts and Thoughts

  1. 40% of all California state workers had work-provided cell phones
  2. Sony is shutting down a plant that used to make 18,000,000 CDs a month
  3. Professor Bainbridge understands that George R.R. Martin “is not his bitch” but Bainbridge wants Martin to write faster anyway
  4. When George R.R. Martin finished his last book, A Feast of Crows in 2005, he was over 1/3 finished with A Dance With Dragons and yet Martin has yet to finish A Dance with Dragons.
  5. I don’t think Neil Gaiman had actually read George R.R. Martin’s books when he wrote this blog post nearly two years ago arguing that reader’s shouldn’t care when Martin finishes his next book
  6. If you listen to Jenny McCarthy, you are qualifying for a Darwin Award. Sadly, you are only punishing your children.
  7. Jenny McCarthy’s body count.
  8. Dead Red Redemption deserves the kudos it is receiving
  9. Jeffrey Walls: “outside of the Chris Nolan realm, the comic-book superhero genre is a plague and a pox upon our cinematic house.”
  10. How dare Sarah Palin defend herself after being accused of inciting mass murder?