10 Facts and Thoughts

  1. The weakness of Microsoft Office for the Mac makes it tough to use OS X as my primary office operating system (maybe it’s just because I’ve used Office for Windows for the last 12 years as much primary office programs). But even after having a MacBook Pro as my office computer for more than 2 years, when I comes to writing, I still boot up Windows instead of using OS X because Offices for Windows is superior.
  2. For it to makes economic sense in California to save money by driving a Chevy Volt, oil prices need to be twice as expensive as they are today (between $171 and $254 a barrel).
  3. Martha Stewart apparently has a skull in her kitchen.
  4. Palin’s Not Complicit in Loughner Shooting, but She Sure Ain’t Presidential, Either.
  5. Ann Althouse: It makes more sense to teach children creationism than to teach them that politicians are pure of heart motivated only by the desire to serve the common good.
  6. Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period according to one self-important writer.
  7. I don’t recommend The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb. It is just way too slow. It’s 500 pages and it feels like a it is just the setup.
  8. Chernobyl: Environmental dead zone or eco heaven?
  9. To reduce CO2 emissions to what some science climate scientists believe we should, it will only require building a nuclear power plant every day for the next 40 years.
  10. A brief history of computing from Life.

3 thoughts on “10 Facts and Thoughts

  1. Jeremy

    I was taught in typing class in high school that we were supposed to put two spaces after a period (also after a colon 🙂 so that is what I’ve always done. I’m not sure I can get in the habit of leaving out the extra space but I’m going to try. Not because of the self important writer but because the argument makes a little bit of sense.

    Thanks for the warning on “The Dragon Keeper.” I hope all is going well for you guys. Are you going to be coming out here again anytime soon?

  2. Jeremy

    Ugh…that wasn’t supposed to be a smiley in the comment above. I put an actual colon next to a parenthesis. That was pretty dumb of me I guess. Yet another typing rule I’ll need to remember!

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