Congratulations to Boise State–National Champions

Joe Posnanski argues that Boise State is a national champion:

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Here’s the thing I don’t understand: Why can’t Boise State be national champion? No, I’m not talking about writing another BCS rip job. I don’t blame the BCS. I actually think the system worked pretty well this year. The BCS is supposed to give the nation a viable and compelling national championship game, and I think it did that. I suspect most people will believe in Alabama vs. Texas and will accept the winner as national champ.

No, I’m asking a whole other question: Who says Boise State isn’t national champion too? The Broncos went undefeated. They pounded an Oregon team that went to the Rose Bowl. They rolled through the year undefeated — only one team all year stayed within one score of them. And, finally, the Broncos won a gritty 17-10 game against No. 3 Texas Christian Monday night in the Fiesta Bowl. They have the resume. They had the perfect season.

And, it seems to me they have every right to go back to Boise, throw a parade, hand out diamond-studded rings and declare themselves national champions. Why not? Is it because the BCS will give either Texas or Alabama a big trophy? You know, trophies are not that hard to buy. Is it because a conglomeration of coaches and computer programs and sundry football observers ranked the Broncos third? Big deal: Football is not a democratic process. Is it because the Broncos won’t be listed as national champions on Wikipedia? Hey, they can create their own Wikipedia page.