Georgia police charge 10-year-old boy with “terroristic acts” because he had a toy gun

I wish this story was a joke, but it’s not. Ten-year-old Alandis Ford took a toy gun to school. According to the police “some children” claim that Alandis threatened other children on the school bus and in his neighborhood-a claim that Alandis denies. To investigate, six sheriff deputies rushed into this 10-year-old’s home, arrested him, booked him, and charged him with possessing a weapon of school property and with terroristic acts.

But this isn’t the only silliness.  The school district has suspended him for 10 days and may expel him. The school’s director of public relations, Sherri Viniard, told the TV news:

“Student safety is our primary concern, and although this was a toy gun, it is still a very serious offense and it is a violation of school rules. We will not tolerate weapons of any kind on school property.”

Apparently what the school district really doesn’t tolerate is thought and reason. Calling a toy gun a weapon does it make it a weapon. A pencil or a book make much better weapons than a toy gun, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the school district.

If you would like to tell the Sherri Viniard how silly her school district’s position is, her email address is  Or you can email the superintendent of Newton County Schools, Dr. Steve Whately at or call him at 770-787-1330.

The only way that schools are going to back off from their silly “no tolerance” policies if we protest and shame them for implementing unjust rules.