I Love Amanda Beard’s Hypocrisy

You have to love Amanda Beard. She’s a good looking, two-time gold medal Olympic swimmer who has posed for a PETA ad naked (safe-for-work picture here). According to the PETA press release, Beard said:

“[T]o see animals … slaughtered to be worn as fashion is awful to me, so I’m definitely against wearing fur.

I’d much rather go naked than ever put a dead animal on my body,” Beard said.

Deceiver.com did a little research about Beard and found that she’s a bit of a hypocrite. Beard told shoe blogger Meghan Cleary last year when asked, “What pair of shoes would you want to be buried in?”:

“Something that just screams ‘me.’ All of my friends would agree that it would be this pair of leather sandals that I wear all the time. I wear them on the pool deck, at the beach, and even sneak them into my wardrobe for dinners.”

Note to Amanda–leather is animal skin (not that I’m complaining). She also like leather jackets. She told Smart Money:

“You don’t take 50% off the leather jacket you use to ride on your motorcycle,” she says. “When you’re skidding across the highway you want something that fits.”

More from Deceiver.

Thank you Amanda for showing us how silly PETA’s campaign really is. If their spokes-bade doesn’t go animal-free, why should we?

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