Is Apple a hardware or software company?

I always have a hard time when people argue that Apple is, at its heart, a software company. I just don’t understand why people think Apple’s software is great, or even good.  Here’s John Gruber:

What computer would you rather use? A MacBook running Windows 7, or, say, a Lenovo ThinkPad running Mac OS X 10.7?

For me, the answers are easy. It’s the software that matters most to me. I’d pick a Nokia Lumia running iOS 5 over an iPhone 4S running any other OS, and I’d pick the ThinkPad running Mac OS X over a Mac running Windows. No hesitation.

For me, the answers are easy as well—I’m writing this on a MacBook Pro (connected to a 27” Apple Cinema Display) running Windows 7. OS X is nice, but I can’t think of one reason to run it. When I’m just using my Mac as a laptop, I’ll run OS X, but when I need to get work done, it’s time for Windows.

Admittedly, I use Office all the time and I hate Office for the Mac with my whole soul. But I still don’t see a case to be made to run OS X or any other Apple software. iTunes, for example, is the absolute worst program on my computer. I use it because it connects easily to my iPhone, iPads, and iPods.

I love, love, love the hardware that is the Macbook Pro. The touchpad is perfect and the keys are great, but I just don’t get why people like the software.