Obama the fuel economy hypocrite

President Obama’s automobile choice shows that he cares about features other than fuel economy, so why is he forcing the American people to choose fuel economy first and foremost?

When President Obama took office, he got a new car—a 8 mile-per-gallon custom Cadillac limousine. The reason the car gets such poor fuel economy is that it is designed to protect the Commander-in-Chief from many threats. The limo’s body is composed of sophisticated titanium, steel, ceramic and aluminum armor to stop projectiles. The armored doors are 8-inches thick and there is a 5-inch thick reinforced steel plate under the car to protect against bombs. The car is equipped with night vision cameras and Obama’s seat features a foldaway desk, laptop, and satellite phone so he can conduct business on the go. Because the car’s armor and accessories weigh so much, the car is powered by a 6.5 liter diesel engine.

President Obama, however, is proposing to limit Americans’ automobile choices and force Americans to buy more fuel economy than they would choose on their own. He is proposing a fuel-economy mandate that cars in 2016 model cars will have to get at least 42 miles per gallon.

Currently there are only three cars that get 35 miles per gallon or better, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic hybrid, and the Ford Fusion hybrid. In just over 6 years, automakers need to improve the fuel economy of the entire fleet by 40 percent. This is possible, but it will be costly, limit American’s car choice, and it will be deadly.

A 2002 study from the National Research Council found that the federal government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy mandate contributed to 2,000 deaths per year. The reason for this death tool is that frequently there is a tradeoff between the size of a car and safety. Cars have become safer, but today’s small, fuel efficient cars are still more dangerous than other cars in two-car frontal offset collisions, even again medium sized cars.

President Obama didn’t have to choose between safety and fuel economy when it came to his limo. He shouldn’t force the American people to be forced to choose smaller, more fuel efficient and less-safe cars.

4 thoughts on “Obama the fuel economy hypocrite

  1. Tim

    Don’t give me that crap!
    If STUDENTS or PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN HOMES can make cars that get better than 50mpg, on their own, without million dollar R&D, then why can’t the car companies?

    I call BS on this, and the fact that we’re supposed to swoon over 35 mpg when some dude in his garage has a car than runs on old McDonalds grease, and gets over 50mpg… oh, and at $0.55 a gallon… in his garage, that is not a billion dollar company.

  2. Daniel Post author

    Well Tim, you have to tell me why Toyota and Honda haven’t snapped up these inventions and started building these ultra-fuel efficient cars. Are Toyota and Honda stupid? If the guy in his garage can really do that, he has a billion dollar company. What is stopping him?

    And if it’s so easy, why does the President’s limo only get 8 mpg? He supposedly cares about this stuff so why didn’t he get in touch with the guy in his garage that runs cars on McDonald’s grease?

  3. Tim


    I would love to know why the car companies don’t do these things. There is no reason I can think of. Some would say ” oh see, they are in bed with the oil companies ” … I’m not one for conspiricy theories, but there has to be some reason.

    And, to the 8mpg question, please read the above article, and understand that he’s driving a tank with a Caddy symbol on it.


  4. Daniel Post author

    I think the reason is simple–the actual technology either 1) does not exist or 2) does not scale to mass production.

    The fact that Obama gets driven around in a 8 mpg tank is exactly my point. He cares about safety more than fuel economy. The rest of the American people should also be able to care of safety or other features instead of Obama forcing them to care most about fuel economy.

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