4 thoughts on “Yosemite

  1. John

    So your going to go with “I never said the Earth wasn’t warming, I only said humans weren’t causing it.” There are two problems with this. One, it isn’t true. You have argued that the Earth wasn’t warming. Check your archives. One specific example is your argument that glaciers were not, in fact, receding. The other problem is that you are picking and choosing which scientific conclusions to accept and which to reject. You are not qualified to do that:

  2. Daniel

    Before you criticize me, you should actually read what I write. When I write, something like, “When have I said the world hasn’t warmed?” instead of trying to demonstrate how I’m wrong, you attack a straw man, not me.

    When have I argued that the Earth isn’t warming? Unlike you, I checked my archives and I don’t believe I have made that argument. Furthermore you have failed to prove me wrong. Again you are wrong.

    On what I have written about glaciers, again you are wrong. I haven’t said that glaciers were not receding.

    You claim that I am picking and choosing. How so? Because I look at data?

    Come on John, you can do better.

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